WTF News - Thursday Edition

Lockerbie Bomber to be Set Free
Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi, the man convicted of the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103, and who was given a life sentence in 2001 will be released on "compassionate grounds." He was convicted of killing 270 people eight years ago; but he is being released early as he is in the final stages of prostate cancer. I guess in Scotland, life is 8 years, but if you have a terminal illness, they let you out early so you can die at home. I thought the point of a life sentence was to put the person in prison until they die? Europeans are weird.

A Few Americans are making the Rest of Us Look Bad
Earlier in the week, GA Congressmen David Scotts’s office was vandalized, but not just with eggs, TP, or a flaming bag of poop. Nope, the vandal spray painted a four foot swastika on his office door. Now, he is getting hundreds of very threatening faxes and letters, many using a particular word you do not say towards African Americans. To top it all, Rep. Scott brought some of these letter to a CNN interview and CNN aired some pretty much unedited…way to go CNN, advancing race relations since never.

Largest Column Installed Yet At World Trade Center Site
Breaking News: AP is reporting that a large column, the LARGEST thus far, has been installed on the site. The news story even had an accompanying photo of a crane installing said column. Other news from this reporter, the Pacific Ocean is a big ocean, the BIGGEST; The Amazon River is a long river, the LONGEST; and decent reporting is dead, COMPLETELY DEAD. Somewhere in Heaven, Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite are crying.

How was Everyone’s Saturday?

C and I went out shopping, did not buy very much.  I got socks and cuff links, man I lead an exciting life!  well, now I just need to get some shirts with French cuffs that fits.  Maybe I’ll pick one up tomorrow when I go to pick up my tailored suits.  


Weekend Plans on Thursday Morning

Our apartment complex is bringing in an 80's tribute band called: The Reagan Years for the Cinco de Mayo party on Sat. Three hours of cheestatisic 80's music!!!! Oh and 1/2 price Dos Equis drafts at a local Mexican restaurant. Now if this damn storm front will just move through as C and I also have tickets for the Nationals/Cardinals afternoon game that day. But 50% of rain may put a damper on our plans.


National weather service is calling for 4-8 inches of snow in the greater DC Area!!! Needless to say this area does not get that much snow and every news agency is going bat sh!t crazy reporting on the upcoming Snowpocalypse or Snowmogedon!! Please get a grip, it is only a few inches of snow!!!

In other news, how was everyones weekend? Mine was low key and very nice.

If anyone is interested

Amazon is selling Morrissey's new album Years of Refusal for $3.99 through their MP3 store. The quality is 256 kb and the album has 12 tracks, so only 33.3 cents a track, which is an awesome price for a album that came out yesterday.